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Your Emotional Trash Georgia S

We all suffer from emotional trash. The question is… What are we going to do with it? Are we going to hold on or get rid of it so that we can move forward and become the person that God designed for us to be? If you are struggling today overwhelmed by life, unhappy, tired, and feeling bogged down by your emotional trash, I recommend Georgia’s book to you.

The following is a short description written by Christian psychologist Georgia Shaffer about her book Taking Out Your Emotional Trash.

Feeling Tired? Overwhelmed? Unhappy?
Do you want more energy, more peace, more happiness? Christian psychologist Georgia Shaffer offers a proven “toss and recycle” program to help you evaluate your emotions, keep the life-affirming ones, and discard the ones that hinder healthy relationships. Step-by-step you’ll discover how to:
reduce destructive anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame
eliminate persistent, toxic emotions
experience greater intimacy in relationships
handle life’s ups and downs more easily
introduce more hope and joy into your life
Through real-life stories, insightful questions, and wisdom from God’s Word, you’ll discover transforming truths that will help you be free to be who you are—loved, talented, valued, and forgiven.

Georgia, we can all relate to the job of “taking out our trash,” but what led you to write Taking Out Your Emotional Trash?

Like many listeners, I grew up in a home where I never learned the skills I needed to handle my disappointments, insecurities, or anger in a healthy way. As a result, those hurts and feelings piled up and created more pain in my life. It took me years to learn how to deal properly with my negative emotions.

There’s a free self-assessment at www.GeorgiaShaffer.com under “Free Resources.” Use this tool to check and see how you’re doing on taking out your emotional trash.

Here’s the bottom line. Waste management today can take twenty plastic soda bottles and make a Polertec fleece out of them. But that’s nothing compared to what God can do with your emotional garbage. He’s the master of waste management. He can take your junk and make something beautiful out of it—but you have to be willing to give it to him. As I mentioned earlier we all have emotional trash . . . the question is what are you doing with yours? Are you holding onto it or are you getting rid of it so that you can be free to be who God created you to be?






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