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Loneliness engulfs my spirit and my soul experiences sadness. Oops, sadness engulfs me as I try pushing my head up from the pillow to start a new day.

What happened so long ago that left me experiencing loneliness and hopeless despair? What is the cause of the emptiness that wells up inside me? Divorce, rejection, unfaithful spouse, sickness, or a friend’s betrayal? Looking back God’s hand lifts my body up from the depths of loneliness and despair loving me through pain, loss, and rejection. Come to me, my child, rest in my loving arms.

Family, friends, and spouses may betray us. It may have been jealousy, greed, or simply to gratify a selfish desire. It startles, surprises, and leaves us fearful to trust.

Following Jesus does not allow for living in the status quo arena. Growth, change and moving forward is part of following Him. Growing closer to Jesus He leads step by step along the path he has designed for our journey of life.

Where do you place your hope? Is it in material things? People? Money? All are temporary and fleeting. Our hope lies in Jesus Christ. Put your faith in the one who comforts you, watches over you, and walks beside you. “But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.” (Psalm 39:7) What David couldn’t do he realized God could. Hope can be found when we realize the truth that all things pass away even pain and pleasure, but God is always with us.

Do you want to take the next step with Jesus? Are you ready for a fresh start? What steps or changes do you need to make to walk with Jesus Christ and move forward in faith experiencing the peace that only He can give?

Is God calling your name to step out in faith and trust Him? He never calls us to do what He will not give us His grace to fulfill. Remember where He calls you to go He goes with you.

Brenda Luther, thirteenonecoaching.com




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