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Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Personal Growth Tips

Words … Because I think it does not necessarily mean I need to speak it. Sometimes I speak before I think. Are you guilty like me? As I realize and understand the value and impact of words, I desire to be more thoughtful before I speak. My desire is to have my spoken words to be words of love, that encourage, provides hope, and brings joy and laughter to people’s lives. I ask myself, “Do I always use wise words making the most of every opportunity and is my conversations filled with grace?” Colossians 4:5 What do my words say about me? About you? Are my words pleasing to God? Are yours? With a word God created the world, healed the sick, and cast out demons. Words are powerful. What is in our hearts is revealed when we speak. Words can change the quality of our life for good or evil, affect our mood, change our behavior, cause us to stumble, to question our choices, or help us make wise choices. Our words have the same affect upon other people. One word can change my day, your day, your spouse, our children, our life, and the people who cross our path. Let us change our day and their day with kind, encouraging words that will impact their life for good. When someone speaks sharp, unkind words to me in anger I wonder and question “Why”? Are they having a bad day? What did I do wrong? At other times I receive words that encourage and uplift me and make me smile. I forget that my tone of voice is important and affects the impact my words have upon others. Our tone can reflect happiness, anger, impatience and frustration. Take time one day and listen to your words and listen to the tone of your voice. If you are like me when you are busy and preoccupied with work or a thousand other things, our tone can express irritability, annoyance, and aggravation which is projected upon our family, friends, and acquaintances. A few ways that words impact our life:     (1)   create doubt and confusion in our minds and we question our choices     (2)   generate tears that overflow    (3)   cause anger that wells up within us    (4)   crush our spirit and the result is we feel hopeless and alone    (5)   instill fear and we become frightened    (6)   show love and generate passion within us    (7)   tarnish reputations and wrecks havoc upon people’s lives    (8)   sting and wound us    (9)   depress us and we experience sadness    (10) demoralize us and the result is loss of confidence and hope    (11)  influence feelings of unworthiness    (12)  give us a sense of worthiness and confidence to be all we can be  ...

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6 Tips for Developing a Personal Growth Mindset

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Personal Growth Tips, Recent News

The accompanying tips will help you achieve a personal growth mindset: 1. Quit justifying everything You don’t have to justify everything that you do. When you embrace another hobby or side interest, your loved ones will ask you for what valid reason you have done it. Keep in mind that you don’t have to offer any defense other than ‘because I want to!’ 2. Engage new individuals Search out and have discussions with individuals, and gatherings, whom you may not have invested time with beforehand. Approach these discussions with a receptive outlook and you will learn new things and have your own particular perspectives tested. This will help to spruce up your life and fortify your imagination. 3. Allow yourself to dream Each new escapade, or accomplishment, starts with a fantasy. Allow yourself to dream. Don’t put confinements on these fantasies. Your fantasies are a piece of your innovative self. In the event that you grasp them, you will open new open doors for self-development. When you recognize these opportunities, try them out. 4. Understand that you will never try your hardest Regardless of what you do, there will always be open doors for improvement. There are always chances to gain from your encounters and utilize the criticism to make strides. Consequently, you can never try your hardest however you can do the best that you can at any given moment, with the information and ability you have around. When you understand and acknowledge this, you understand that the judgements of others are superfluous. You can take comfort that you did the best you could around them and resolve to gain from the experience so you may improve. 5. Concentrate on the experience as opposed to the finished result There may be activities which you have avoided because you felt that you would not be any great at them. Ask yourself ‘Does it truly make a difference in the event that I am bad at it?’ The answer is ‘No’. You don’t have to be great at it, on the off chance that you appreciate it. You are not searching for a record deal or a professional sports contract. You are essentially searching for entertainment only. In the event that you concentrate on the experience instead of the deciding result, you will have a ton more fun and you may, unwittingly, discover something which you are really great at. 6. Attempt one new thing daily In the event that you focus on attempting one new thing consistently, you will have attempted 365 new things in one year. The shots of discovering something you like, appreciate or are great at are much higher. More importantly, you will rapidly build up a self-improvement mentality where you see challenges as opposed to issues, and you are unafraid to attempt new things. A self-awareness mentality allows you to tackle new difficulties, seeing only opportunities for fun and learning. There may be tough times ahead however when you have the right mentality, you are stronger. You accept that things will...

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