Thankful for God’s blessings…

Thankful for God’s blessings…

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Values

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Thanking God for…

  • 1. Smiling faces of children
  • 2. Hugs that warm the heart
  • 3. Beaches with glistening sparkles of sand and lapping waves washing over me
  • 4. Stars sparkling in the midnight sky
  • 5. Moon beams that light my path
  • 6. Mountaintops allowing full view of God’s glorious world
  • 7. Laughter that brightens faces and fills one with joy
  • 8. God’s love, grace, and forgiveness
  • 9. Green grass that tickles and crunches underneath my feet
  • 10. Food that replenishes my body
  • 11. God’s Word that fills and ignites my soul searching for truth
  • 12. Books that take me places I otherwise could not go
  • 13. The privilege and blessing to live in the United States of America
  • 14. Blankets on a cold windy night
  • 15. A home filled with love
  • 16. Sunshine to brighten my day reassuring me of God’s presence
  • 17. Blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds
  • 18. Rainbows brightening the sky after the rain
  • 19. The sound of rain splashing against the window pane
  • 20. God gave me life to enjoy, people to love, and Himself
  • 21. Music that inspires, encourages, lifts my spirit, and blesses me
  • 22. Clean, sparkling spring water
  • 23. The beauty of the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening
  • 24. The sound of the waves splashing on the seashore
  • 25. Chimes blowing in the wind outside my kitchen window
  • 26. Birds singing their songs in the early morning
  • 27. The train whistling as it passes through town in the wee morning hours
  • 28. Wind blowing through the trees
  • 29. Beauty of flowers reminding me of God’s goodness
  • 30. Seasons that come and go as God blesses me with beauty and the renewing of the earth
  • 31. Soldiers and veterans for their sacrifice and willingness to serve our country
  • 32. Freedom to worship
  • 33. Doctors and nurses who strive to keep me healthy and free of disease
  • 34. Friends who come alongside and offer encouragement
  • 35. Jesus, my friend and Savior

May God bless you and your family with laughter, joy, peace, and love.

Brenda Luther


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