Are you suffering from codependency?

Are you suffering from codependency?

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Family, Obstacles

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Codependency is an addiction to people, behaviors, or things. Do you…

  • 1.   deny your feelings stuffing them deep inside of you?
  • 2.   anticipate the needs of other people, but unaware of your needs?
  • 3.   feel like a victim stuck with no way out?
  • 4.   deny reality to cope in your codependent world?
  • 5.   allow the ghosts of your past to torment you?
  • 6.   always give but never receive?
  • 7.   attempt to control people, behavior, and things?
  • 8.   assume responsibility for the choices people make?
  • 9.   suffer from lack of boundaries in your life?
  • 10. have difficulty setting boundaries?
  • 11. allow people to consume your thoughts?
  • 12. allow other people to control and manipulate you?
  • 13. experience difficulty making decisions and distrust the decisions you have made?
  • 14. seek to please people fearing rejection?
  • 15. have difficulty saying “No” without feeling guilty?
  • 16. live in denial, anxiety, and fear?
  • 17. define yourself by your relationships?
  • 18. look to others as the source of your fulfillment and happiness?
  • 19. have a habit that dominates or continues to repeat itself in your life?
  • 20. know there is something missing inside of you?
  • 21. confuse compassion, pity, or comfort for love?
  • 22. know your faults and take responsibility or do you shun responsibility?
  • 23. take better care of people in your life than yourself?
  • 24. suffer from wavering between dependence and interdependence?
  • 25. feel unloved and empty?
Jesus said, “The truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

Codependents want control and the thought of giving up control is frightening as fear rises choking the life out of us. We feel like we are losing ourselves and dying as we give up control. Trust is difficult. Feeling unloved and unlovable we hold onto anger, resentment, and fear.

Facing our fears, relinquishing and surrendering ourselves to God is the beginning of healing. In the past I doubted God loved me or even knew who I was. My head said He loved me, but my heart doubted Him. Are you there? Have you been there? I questioned Him and was angry. God is so good and patient with us. He whispers in our heartaches, tears, and unbelief. He loves us in and through the pain. Surrendering and walking in fellowship with Him, engaging in conversation throughout the day, makes the painful recovery process easier. Run to Him. Rest in His loving arms as He walks with you on the road to recovery. Trust Him. He loves you.

Brenda Luther

Thirteen One Coaching

February 2, 2016



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