Be The Difference in Someone’s Life

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Personal Growth Tips, Spiritual Help, Values

1. Send flowers with a note of love, thinking of you, or encouraging words 2. Lunch on the patio at their favorite restaurant 3. Listen when they speak making eye contact 4. A compliment 5. A phone call reminding them you are thinking of them 6. Run an errand or offer to pick up items they need 7. Greet them with a smile 8. Invite them over for coffee or tea 9. A small gift – a potted plant, package of their favorite coffee or candy 10. Invite them to a movie, a play, or for a walk 11. Prepare a meal when they do not feel well or having a hectic day 12. Share a book you recently read that they may enjoy 13. Offer to watch their children so they can have a break and relax Be the difference in someone’s life today. “Life isn’t about living, it’s about making a difference.” JR “So encourage each other and build each other up…” I Thessalonians...

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13 Traits of Right Relationships…

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  1.   Accept – you for who you are 2.  Comfort – gives you reassurance  3.  Defend – protect and guard you  4.  Dependable – reliable, faithful  5.  Encourage – nurture, inspire you to reach your dreams  6.  Energize – gives you inspiration to reach beyond the ordinary  7.  Kind – affectionate, loving  8.  Motivate – creates a desire within you to be all you can be  9.  Patient – never rude, tolerant 10. Promise kept – what they say is what they do 11.  Trust – honest and integrity 12.  Understand – if not, love you anyway 13.  Listens – not only to the words, but listens with the heart, engaging in conversation Relationships can be good or bad and bad relationships can put you on the wrong road. When we make wrong choices and become involved in wrong relationships we can be influenced to make wrong decisions. Listen. God will warn you. “Lead me by your truth and teach me,  for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.” Psalm 25:5          brenda luther        ...

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13 Recommended Books

Posted by on May 25, 2015 in Marriage Tips, Obstacles, Personal Growth Tips, Spiritual Help

These are a few of the books that have impacted my life. I have been a lover of books and an avid reader since I was a young child. My first book that I remember not counting the Bible was The Wizard of Oz given to me when I was six years old.  Books can take you places you have never been, teach you things you did not know, and enrich your life. If you are not a reader, you are missing out on so much good stuff. My mother taught me to love books. My earliest memories of my childhood are of my mother reading stories about God to my siblings and me at bedtime and then we would knell beside our bed and pray. If you have a book that has made a difference in your life, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you. 1. All In – Mark Batterson You are one decision away from living a totally different life 2. Walking with God – John Eldredge Talk to Him. Hear from Him. Really. 3. Boundaries – Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend When to Say Yes When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life 4. Created to Be God’s Friend – Henry T. Blackaby How God Shapes Those He Loves 5. Broken Down – Paul David Tripp Living Productively In a World Gone Bad 6. Loneliness – Elizabeth Elliott It can be a wilderness. It can be a pathway to God. 7. The Insanity of God – Nik Ripkin A Faith Resurrected 8. Wild at Heart – John Eldridge Understanding the Secrets of A Man’s Heart 9. Attachments – Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Gary Sibcy Unlocking the Secret for Loving and Lasting Relationships 10. Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain – Paul Hegstrom, PH.D Understanding the Effects of Your Wounded Past 11. The Five Love Languages – Dr. Gary Chapman How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate 12. Having A Mary Heart in A Martha World – Joanna Weaver Finding Intimacy With God In The Busyness of Life 13. When God Stopped Keeping Score How to Break Free From A Past Filled With Hurt, Guilt, and Anger Through the Power of Forgiveness – R.S. Clark, M.Ed. The Bible is the most important book written and God’s instruction book to us on how to do life. We learn how to love, guard our hearts, pray, how to love and serve other people, develop relationship with God and serve Him, and much more. This is one book we ought not neglect. God speaks to us through His Word guiding and teaching us bringing us closer to Him. Brenda Luther Thirteen One Coaching...

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13 Ways to Show Your Love

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  Attributes of love… 1.  is patient 2.  is kind 3.  is not jealous 4.  is not boastful, proud, or rude 5.  does not demand 6.  is not irritable 7.  keeps no record of wrong 8.  is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out 9.  never gives up 10.  never loses faith 11.  is always hopeful 12.  endures through every circumstance 13.  will last forever Love is defined in I Corinthians 13:4-8 giving us a description of God’s kind of love. Our selfish nature goes against this kind of love because it is selfless and not focused on our needs, but on the needs of others. To love directing love outward and not inward toward ourselves we need God’s help to set aside our selfish nature. The more Christlike we become the more love we can receive and share. Faith, hope, and love are intertwined together. It takes faith, hope in the power of God, and acts of commitment and sacrifice as we allow God to love others through us expecting nothing in return. “…but if I didn’t love others, I would be of no value whatsoever.” I Corinthians 13:1-3 brenda luther    ...

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13 Things I am Thankful for Today

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1.  Family – their love, hugs, laughter 2.  Jesus – that He was willing to die for my sins 3.  Health – although there are days I may not feel good, there are more good than bad days 4.  Sunshine – I love the sunshine. It always reminds me that God is with me 5.  Blue skies filled with white fluffy clouds 6.  Rain – the world looks so beautiful, fresh, and new after the rain 7.  Rainbows – a reminder of God’s love and His promises 8.  Spring time when all the flowers bloom and the grass and the trees turn green 9.  Birds chirping in the early morning hours sharing their songs with the world 10. My Mother who read to me as a child and taught me about God 11.  Friends who walk the journey of life with me 12.  Pastor Jonathan Robbins at The Summit Church whose sermons convict me, encourage me, and fill me with the desire to know God more intimately, and to share God’s love with others 13.  God for His love, mercy, and grace that carries me through each moment of the day and His Word that often convicts me but soothes my soul and gives me guidance When we step back and look at our lives we are so blessed. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of your life today, “count your blessings”. Some days it may be difficult due to circumstances in your life to think of one thing you are thankful for because it is difficult to drag your body out of  bed and face the day. You want to curl up in the warm covers and escape the world and the challenges it offers today. I understand. We have all been there. Start your day before you jump out of bed with a prayer to God thanking Him for His blessings and thank Him for walking alongside you today holding your right hand through each difficult moment, loving you, giving you strength, and encouraging  you. Soon those difficult days will turn into days filled with moments of joy and peace as you become ware of God and His love for you.           “Praise the Lord!          Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!                 His faithful love endures forever.”  Psalm 106:1 Brenda Luther         ...

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Is Fear Holding You In It’s Grip?

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We set ourselves up for failure and do not realize it because of the fears and beliefs that we have buried within us. Is it that we have been taught that we are not good enough, perfect enough, pretty enough, not as smart as our siblings, or we were told we expect too much? Some of these fears are buried within many of us and we push them to the bottom refusing to let those thoughts and emotions see the light of day. Because of these fears and beliefs we learned or were taught as a child we experience guilt and/or anxiety. How do we overcome the fears and beliefs we hold within us? How do we allow them to rise to the surface? How do we expel them from within us? How do we turn those negative thoughts that keep us guilt ridden and full of anxiety into something positive within us? The decision to stop sabotaging ourselves and the desire to grow as an individual who wants to reach their God-given potential is key to overcoming those self-defeating fears and stopping the self-sabotage. I know a wonderful person that each time life appears to be moving forward and everything looks to be falling into place from my point of view looking from the inside out self-sabotages their life. This is destructive to our well-being, our peace of mind, and the life that God has designed for us to live becoming all that He wants us to be in order to do all that He has called us to do. Do you desire to move forward and become all that God who loves you so deeply desires for you to be? Is fear holding you back? We all experience fear but letting go and releasing your fears to God allows Him to come along side holding your right hand guiding you forward. What a joyous feeling to realize that God loves us so much that He cares about every little detail of our life. I don’t know about you but knowing and believing this gives me a feeling of relief and peace. I do not have to try to control the details of my life. He controls them all as I release all to Him. Life does not just fall into place over night. It is a continual growing process moving us forward as we surrender our fears and beliefs to God that trap us and hold us back from becoming all that we can be for Him. Today is decision day. Read  your Bible, spend time in prayer and conversation with God, share your story with someone you can trust and accepts you as you are regardless of the circumstances. If there is no one like that in your life and you need someone to share with, contact your pastor, a counselor, or a coach who can...

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