Hello…Are You Broken?

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Are you broken?

I’ve been broken too.

I know what it’s like:

To cry in the night…alone.

To scream obscenties in private rage;

To feel the endless pit of pain,

To soak my pillows with tears,

To wonder when the pain will ever end,

To wonder if I’ll ever, really, be whole again,

To ask God why I was born,

To ask God why the pain,

How can He use what I’ve got,

How can He take a messed up life,

And turn it into something special?

Only one who has experienced brokenness can best


And encourage one who has been broken,

And work to encourage others who are also broken. (C Hull)

If this describes you today, seek God, read your Bible, find comfort in God’s Word and His promises, and encourage others. We are all broken. God has taken us to places in our lives we never asked or wanted to go. When we hit rock bottom the solution is to turn to God as our source of strength. He reaches down, raises us up, and heals us as He changes our heart and our desires.

The poem above I came across several years ago described my feelings and my struggles. God continues to break me as He molds me into His desire for me.

“Why am I so discouraged?

Why so sad?

I will put my hope in God!

I will praise him again-

my Savior and my God! Psalm 42:5-6 (NLT)

“…for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 (NIV)






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