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Depression – Seeking to Help

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Action Steps, Depression, Goals, Spiritual Help

Depression…                                                                                                                                                                             When seeking to help someone suffering from depression it is important to show unconditional love and listen with a non-judgemental attitude. The suffering of depressed people among us is a call for us to help by reaching out and giving unconditional love and acceptance, and offering encouragement as we come alongside to help them move forward. Many of us have suffered from depression and can identify with those who are depressed. Our goal is not to enable. Our goal is to encourage them to reach out for help, to set goals, to change their thought pattern, seek God and learn more of Him as they search for stability and peace. Suggestions for encouraging people suffering from depression.  1. Come alongside showing unconditional love and acceptance.  2. Encourage a healthy nutritious eating plan.  3. Pray with them and encourage Bible reading and prayer.  4. Listening is more important than giving advice.  5. Share and encourage listening to inspirational music.  6. Support them setting aside time for exercising, walks in the  park, hobbies, family and friends.  7. Encourage fun times and laughter with an invitation to a movie or a concert.  8. Remember the power of touch and kind words.  9. Keep in touch by phone, occasional visits, or plan lunch on a regular basis. 10. Send an occasional encouraging card. 11. Plan a fun trip to the beach, mountains, or a picnic with friends. 12. Help and encourage them in setting goals to move forward. 13. Encourage them to seek medical help from a doctor who treats depression. People Caring for Family and Friends For people who care for family and friends suffering from depression it is important to care for yourself and your own emotional needs while seeking to help others. Suffering from Depression? For those suffering from depression – every day we have a choice. I understand how difficult making a choice can be, struggling to get out of bed, the stress of getting dressed, driving to work,  interacting with people, and muddling through another day. My prayer is that you will refuse to surrender to depression and seek help to rid yourself of those thoughts and feelings that are robbing you of happiness and the joy of friends and family. If you are suffering from depression, I encourage you to see your doctor or a counselor. Great is his faithfulness:  his mercies begin afresh...

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Depression – Our Companion

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Spiritual Help

      Depression may be our companion when we experience the following symptoms. 1. Our body and our thinking is moving in slow motion and we are unable to concentrate. 2. Our life appears to be hopeless and our heart is sick. 3. We cry for no apparent reason or we cry when insignificant things happen in our life. 4. Our thoughts are anxious or worried most of the time. 5. Everything we do appears to be wrong and nothing goes right. 6. In the mornings getting out of bed is a chore and it is difficult to face a new day. 7. Engaging in conversation is a struggle due to our inability to think and concentrate. 8. Life is overwhelming and we feel like we are suffocating. 9. Nothing is of interest to us. We are not interested in food, listening to music, exercise, or hobbies. We never take time to enjoy our family and friends. 10. We concentrate on the negative things that have happened in our life, the bad memories, the fears, the failures, and the things that make us uncomfortable. 11. Nothing in our world gives us hope or offers happiness. The future looks bleak. 12. Death appears to be a welcome relief. Our thoughts are consumed with death and suicide. 13. We feel shut off from family, friends, and the world. Many of us have experienced depression as our companion in our life and we know the pain and agony of hopelessness and despair. When we experience depression we often appear to be acting normal to those looking into our world. We learn to live with depression and the demons that hound us every day are not visible to those closest to us. We change our facade when we meet people and flash our fake smile, although we may feel like a fraud, stiff, and awkward with our facial muscles frozen in place. Our effort to be happy and our smiling face hides our pain. We wear the mask seeking to protect ourselves, hide who we are, and the pain we do not want to face. Our feelings, our thoughts, our behavior and our sense of well-being are affected by our depression. We think no one will understand or love us if we are open and honest about our feelings. Many of us have experienced depression in our life and we have known the pain and agony of hopelessness and despair, and discovered joy and peace is found in Jesus Christ. Today let us reach out to someone we know who is suffering and wounded offering them love, hope, and acceptance. When I am feeling anxious, worried, and troubled in my mind these verses are helpful in changing my thoughts to think about things that are “… true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable...

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